How I Ended Up Marrying A Producer – Actress, Sylvia Anyanwu

How I Ended Up Marrying A Producer - Actress, Sylvia Anyanwu

Nollywood actress, Sylvia Anyanwu, has in a recent interview revealed that she prioritizes communication over sex in a relationship.

The actress who revealed she does not believe sex to be a big deal disclosed that she can stay off sex for months.

While speaking with Sunnewsonline, the actress who got married in July 2016 also spoke about her home and how she has been able to balance home and her career.

Warning people against holding sex in high regard as food the actress who revealed her husband is mostly out of town said: “my husband is a movie producer, who sometimes stays on location for months, I do miss him but he has work to do.I can stay months, even up to a year without sex. After all, sex is not food.

“I’m a sex-sex kind of person. We have constant communication that keeps us in the know of each other’s activities and we are fine.”

The mother of one who birthed her baby girl on November 1, 2016 in the United States further added: “I didn’t plan to marry a producer. We were friends, then we fell in love and the rest is history. Well, I got pregnant before marriage but we have been planning the wedding before I took in. Although, I wasn’t ready to settle down then, because I was trying to push my career forward, I never wanted abortion either or a child out of wedlock. So, I had to brace up and accept the marriage proposal. I believe it’s God’s time and we love each other dearly.”