I don’t like him but he keeps coming – girl narrates

I don't like him but he keeps coming - girl narrates

From a female blog reader:

My ex bf’s friend won’t let me rest,i dated my ex wen I was in Uni, he is married now and we are still frnds no bad blood,this his friend has been disturbing me for as long as I can remember, I told him I couldn’t bcos of his frnd and one other guy I had a fling with,cos we stayed in d same estate,he said it doesn’t matter‎ he likes me,the day his friend walked up to me, he saw me first it cud hav been him,he evn sent me moni to come to lag,i came but dint see him,he wasn’t angry,i was in d hospital he called before my bf sef, and said he knows it’s because of a guy m in d hospital,why m I wasting my emotions on people dat don’t care,i told him I hav heard,i try to be nice in rejecting him, d issue is I don’t feel anytin for him,i tried in d past but noting,am not into fair guys, dey hav never worked for me, even the guy I havnt met and speak to evryday,i have more emotions for him… i put a guy on my dp,he pinged and was asking why I treat him bad,he wants to come see me, just to shut him up,i said ok, no sex before marriage he said Yes ,i was shocked, pple pls is it a set up?i dnt want to b d girl dat frnds slept wit,I don’t want to date out of pity,y can’t someone I like,like me d way he does?