“I caught my man cheating and he’s not showing any remorse”

"I caught my man cheating and he's not showing any remorse"

Sent in by a confused female blog reader who needs your advice:

I need your avice please. I caught my boyfriend red handed cheating on me with another girl, everr since the incident happened he is not showing any remorse about his action, he only sent me text msg tellin me that he was sorry, that I should forgive him for the. Sake of our relationhsip

Now when I started sending the girl text msg to stay off my man, she called my guy and told him to warn me never to send her msg again, my guy called me and told me to stop sending her text msg, I said ok, I sent the girl another text msg tellin her to pls leave my boyfriend alone, that we have come a lone way for me to leave him because of that single mistake after all nobody is perfect,.. The girl still called my guy and told him that I was still sending her text msg, my guy now got angry, he called me and was shouting at me, that I should stop sending the girl text msg, I was shocked, why was he shouting at me cos of that girl,… Anyway the thing now is he said he want to see me on sunday…And he also told me that everything will be fine that I should not think about what happened the other day.

But I’m confused, don’t know if I should continue with him or not…. Please what should I do?