“I caught him cheating. Should I call off our engagement?”

"I caught him cheating. Should I call off our engagement?"

From a female bog reader:

Good job u r doing here.. Pls post as anonymous… Hi am engaged to be married soon but am still very confused ,if I shld go on with this or end my engaggmnt .. My fiance is actually very caring to me nd my family but sumtn is still missing .. He is cheating which I can’t stand .. First we had an issue with him still communicating with his ex nd actually cheated with her .I found out ,he begged nd we continued d rlnshp ..now I go over to the house nd found a lady’s baided hair underneath d bed nd he is saying its his frnd’s gf that came over .. Called d frnd nd I realized he hasn’t been in the house fr a while . I was so mad a wrote a note nd returned d ring nd blocked him.. Did I do right? Ppl keep saying men always cheat but I can’t deal with that.. What shld I do as am confused tho he has been beggn