I can’t get married to him, my pastors said

I can't get married to him, my pastors said

From a female blog reader:

Hello. Good day pls keep my I d. Pls post dis Am typing dis message with tears I don’t know how to go about it. this is my story I meet dis guy in d Church we hook up we start dating later I got pregnant for him later move to his house, I put to bed my family carry all responsible on d naming ceremony I sell my gold to buy baby things when I ask him for money he said he don’t ve .I pay d house rent pay my baby’s school fees I do most of d things in d house. We start having issues he beats me up all d time when he want to ve sex with me he use his nails to tear my pussy things like DAT we later broke up ever since we ve broke up more then 2 years he never ask about is child maybe is alive or not. Now am a single mother I meet dis handsome guy we started dating we both fell in love he treat me like a queen he pay my bills my baby’s bills he pay her school fees he take her out things like DAT. I later got to know he married I ask him he said yes with kids, I told him how did u want us to go about dis relationship assuming I know u r a married man I will not ve date u .he said he is a Muslim DAT he can get married to another lady DAT I should just give him some time to settle some things for his family and I said OK we continue now is wife knows me my name ve been causing problems in their house and ve pray about it 2 different pastor said he OK DAt we can get married but am going to get a problem from his wife now d problem ve started I ve cry my eyes out ve been thinking nd thinking I don’t know what to do. Should I tell him to move on with his family and I walk away or I should stay with him pls advise me