I borrowed my boyfriend 2m and he doesn’t want to pay

I borrowed my boyfriend 2m and he doesn't want to pay

From a female blog reader:

I borrowed boyfriend 2million for our engagement,to buy our rings and get some preparations ready . After the introduction and traditional marriage,he refused to pay back.If I ask him the money he will frown his face and deny me sex for days . I have been begging him that the money I gave him is our contribution in the office and they are on my neck . I have sold my engagement ring to raise some money But it is still not enough,he is not even making any attempt to pay back instead he is giving me attitude. So I had to sell of his car when he traveled and raised 1.2 million,when he came back, he beat me blue black and asked Mr to leave the house I paid for . Please what do I do to get back my money, the marriage might crumble any moment .