I blasted GEJ for increasing fuel price but I can’t criticize Buhari – Bakare

I blasted GEJ for increasing fuel price but I can't criticize Buhari - Bakare

Former running mate of Muhammadu Buhari during the 2011 presidential elections (which was won by Goodluck Jonathan), Tunde Bakare was speaking in an interview with Jesusegun Alagbe on October 1 2016.

Bakare, the founder of The Latter Rain Assembly and convener of the Save Nigeria Group was asked by the interviewer:

“Talking of former President Goodluck Jonathan. In 2012 when he increased the price of fuel, you — through the Save Nigeria Group — led many protests to ensure the price was reverted. But President Buhari did the same thing in 2016 and there was not a single protest. You even gave reasons why it was the right move to make. Is it because you’re President Buhari’s fan that you didn’t protest against his action?”

His response:

“You can’t be close to a man and go and fight him in the public. The fight begins when you have a leader who is unresponsive and irresponsible.

“For as long as they are showing you their cards and you know they are responsive and responsible, you don’t fight your friend in the public. You can fight behind closed doors and you shut your lips and you go out there and do what you need to do.

“I’m a very good friend of President Buhari, but I was not also unfair to the former President. In fact, eternity will reveal at the appropriate time the role we played to ensure there was no bloodbath and why the concession was that easy. I will leave that for posterity to judge.”