Husband: My wife sleeps with Van Vicker. Wife: It’s not true, he has trust issues

Husband: My wife sleeps with Van Vicker. Wife: It's not true, he has trust issues
US-based medical practitioner Bartum Kulah is accusing his wife Clarice of sleeping with Nollywood/Ghollywood actor Van Vicker.

His words:

“My wife will deny the accusations and claim to be his Manager and Business partner. That’s what she always says, it’s all a cover, and I’ve caught them at a hotel twice. She has been in Accra since Wednesday to Premiere a film, they will then go to Liberia to Premiere the same film next Saturday, not only that but sleeping with my wife any where they go.

This is the second trip in a year. They have traveled to Haiti, Liberia, Nigeria, Ireland and multiple cities in the Continental US. I really have evidence to show that he is sleeping with my wife and even warned my wife on that but still they are doing it.

“It is a shame to Gollywood/Nollywood actor Van Vicker sleeping with people wives as he has married too. This is part one I will bring all the pictures, videos, I mean all the evidence out, if they refuse to stop, especially Van Vicker.” He said they have married for long years with two children, but his wife do not care about the children, and all she knows is travelling with Van Vicker.”

In response, Clarice Ford-Kulah released a press statement where she states:

“In response to the recent rumors trending on the internet concerning Van Vicker and I, none of it is true. Neither Van nor myself would do such a thing. We both have families that we love and care about dearly.

“My husband has security issues due to an accident that has completely interrupted his life. He has been harassing all of my male friends, including pastors, ministers, and deacons for years and I chose to ignore. However, this accusation is too ridiculous for me to ignore because it is in the public domain.

“My husband is going through some type of medical crisis. I will be returning to the US shortly to deal with this situation and would love my family to be left alone whiles dealing with this unfortunate situation privately. Van Vicker is my client and ‘family’.”