How Kenya “stole” Mark Zuckerberg, Pope’s visit from Nigeria and Uganda

How Kenya "stole" Mark Zuckerberg, Pope's visit from Nigeria and Uganda

Reports making rounds on Ugandan social media is that Kenyans are taking advantage of their neighboring African countries.

According to a post by Capital FM Uganda, the Kenyans overturned several visits of influential people to their own benefit, not minding that some of these people were not coming to Kenya in the first place.
The post read:

“I admire how quickly Kenya takes advantage of opportunities, and makes them their own. See the following recent cases.

1. Mark Zuckerberg is headed to Nigeria, they get wind of it, and convince him to stop by Kenya. They turn the whole trip around to market their biggest interest which is Tourism. Mark Zuckerberg has more than 78 Million followers on Facebook! The reach of this kalango cannot be overestimated.

2. Uganda lobbies the Pope for ages on end to come to Uganda. Kenya is meanwhile taking a backseat. As soon as he confirms, they get moving. Ask him to “pass by” their country. They turn the detour on its head, hire foreign and more experienced TV firms to cover the event. In the end, the reach and quality of what is relayed is worth beyond imaginable. International news channels talk about the Pope’s visit to Kenya. Meanwhile NBS which is charged with covering the Pope’s visit is showing floors with mute sounds. And the print media have to literally tussle it out with protocol officers to get anything worth writing about.

3. Israeli prime minister wants to mourn his late brother in Entebbe, he sets a date for his visit. As soon as his handlers confirm the trip, Kenya jumps in – invites Netanyahu to make a short detour. They quickly prepare trade agreements. Meanwhile chez les prime hosts, the visit becomes a PR disaster. Dailies are awash with how he shouldn’t be visiting. The president makes a bizarre speech referring to Israel as it’s chief enemy Palestine over and over. And that’s it!

“Kenya is like that classmate with whom you share your assignment, he spices it up a little bit, changes the font size, the alignment and presents it on a headed paper, and the teacher ends up calling you the cheat instead!”

And some of the points up there are true (not from a negative side). Take a look at Zuckerberg’s pictures in Kenya which looks more like a tourism journal.