“How do I tell my friend that I slept with her husband?”

"How do I tell my friend that I slept with her husband?"

From a female blog reader:

I am really sad as I type this and I honestly need reasonable advices. Before getting married, I dated this guy and had some issues and didn’t communicate for a long time then I learnt he got married. Some months after his marriage, we bumped into each other again and exchanged numbers and despite knowing he is married, we started dating again. He took me to places, we had sex in hotels and sometimes in his matrimonial home when his wife is out. I felt this wasn’t right and we ended the relationship, I got married. My husband open me a big store not quite far from where this guy lives, I was against the location cause of the past but I couldn’t tell my husband the reasons. I have this very good customer who later became a very good friend, she is the wife to this guy, I knew her the first time she came to my store and really tried to avoid her but she was so adamant and really wanted to be my friend, she is a medical doctor. She comes to my store to hang out with when she is off duty and we talk on phone and we are really cool. She has been complaining to me about her cheating husband, I have taught her how to handle those home wreckers but she is so soft, she cries a lot and I am her consoler, I feel so bad for her, knowing that i had also contributed to her marriage failure. Pls do I just tell her the truth about the past, cos sincerely I love her and I know I have wronged her or I should just keep quiet and let her find out herself cause nothing is hidden under the sun. I know the relationship between us has ended but at least my conscience will rest. Am a changed person pls oo, so minimal insult cause I know u peeps will insult me.Thanks