“How do I get rid of my married ex who keeps coming back?”

"How do I get rid of my married ex who keeps coming back?"

From a female blog reader:

There’s this ex that won’t let me be even though he’s married. We dated 4 some years before he got married with me believing he’ll get better, this dude is the most boring human i’v ever come across, he cnt stay in a conversation, the worst was when he asked that we go clubbing & he ended up sleeping in club ?. He gave me signs that he was waiting for me to finish my project so we could get married because his family is mounting pressure on him that he’s getting old(he was 30) & according to him, his mates are all married with kids, i got scared because I knew he wanted to get married for all the wrong reasons & I can’t imagine being hooked to someone so boring. I tried to make him abit fun, all 2 no avail so I had to tell him off & let him go. I prayed to God to give him a wife which God did & he got married last year but the thing is, he just can’t let me be, he’l call, text & even find way to chat with me on whatsapp, did I forget to say he’s worgly?(worwor & ugly). It got to a point that his wife was calling & texting me to leave her husband alone, she even chatted me on whatsapp telling me that so now I’m jealous of her home & now I want her husband, y didn’t I marry him then, that it’s too late bla bla bla & i should go get my own. I had to tel her I had nothing to do with her husband & because I dint want his marriage to have problems, I swallowed the insults & embrassment & assured her that her husband is a good husband, that he’l never cheat on her & that she should stop building her home on insecurities. It got to a point that the harassment was getting too much that I had to warn her husband to stop calling or texting me. I want to know, was I wrong in protecting his marriage, should I have asked her if she thinks i’l stoop so low to be having an affair with her kinda husband? Was I wrong to have considered the embrassment it’ll cause him & how it might affect his home & self esteem. Please how can I make him leave me for good because he still insist he made a mistake not waiting for me