How do I find my missing father? – blog reader asks

How do I find my missing father? - blog reader asks
From a male blog reader:

My father got missing a week after his dad burial, all effort to find him proof abortive.
This is the 5th month now. We’ve reported at Police Stations within my State (Okpoga, Okpokwu LG, Benue State) but there’s no any information regarding his whereabout.

We suspect foul play involving Kinsmen which cannot be confirmed.

Recently, some people called my Uncle requesting that we pay 100k to free him. My Uncle asked them to put him on call to confirm he is my dad. He asked some personal questions owing to the fact that he is a Step brother to my dad, born in a different village but very close to my dad.

They warned never to involve the police which my family agreed. Though I did not buy the idea of not involving the security agents but they insist so as not to harm my dad. They sent a UBA A/C No. which the money was paid into after my Uncle allegedly confirmed that he’s my dad but still have not release my dad.

I am confident that these people aren’t Kidnappers but people within and seems to involve spiritual conspiracy as some fetish items were found at the entrance to my dad’s room 3 months after. This happened 6 days later when we were told he would be back after some fetish items where uprooted from my compound .

Kindly advice on how to track this people or unravel this mystery.