“His wife forms posh on social media but is a pig in real life”

"His wife forms posh on social media but is a pig in real life"

This twisted post is from a lady who is sleeping with a married man and she feels the man’s wife is not doing enough.

Here it goes:

I follow his wife on instagram…she is always forming Cook or chef…Always snap chatting her cooking recipes and all. I won’t lie, her kitchen looks very beautiful, a place you’d like to pass the night in. What do you expect? Banana island mansion. I have been dating her husband for 2 months and he is the nicest, coolest person in the world and I think I love him. She travelled over the weekend to see her parents and I decided to go spend the night with him and have a feel of being a banana island wife…just for a night.
Immediately I got into the house,I ran into the kitchen to see what it looks like in real life. it looks more beautiful than on social media… I made sure we had sex there and then and we retired to the bedroom for another round. Money is good o my people. soft sheets, soft bed, soft pillow… best sleep I ever had in my entire life. I decided to go take a quick shower before leaving the mansion in the morning .. I entered the bathroom and i vomitted in my mouth. It was the worst sight ever. The sink was in a deplorable state. WHAT??? How can a woman leave her toilet and bathroom to look this bad. There were streaks of brown stains on the wall…the white tiles were already turning dark brown…and the toilet….omg I can’t even start describing. Of all the places in my house,my bathroom and toilet are the neatest. I can’t stand dirty bathroom or put my ass on a dirty toilet seat before I go and carry something that doesn’t have cure. Guys,before you marry a woman,please visit her without informing her and make sure you enter every part of the house.
I decided to wash the toilet and bathroom…not cos I need his attention or love but cos I can’t even imagine that the mouth and body I kiss actually shit and showers in that place… I decided to show her a lesson. I used her sponge and toothbrush to wash the walls and the floors. It took me two hours to get the bathroom and toilet to my standard…He was so impressed…we had another round of hot steamy sex inside the bath tub. I pray she get some disease from her tooth brush and sponge. Dirty instagram wife forming chef .