His pretty female cousin came visiting and then this happened

His pretty female cousin came visiting and then this happened

According to a male blog reader:

So a cousin sister call me yesterday morning that she was coming to asaba for something and intend to pass the night in my house. So in the evening she came to my house and i welcomed her.

Since i have no cooked food at home , i took her out were we ate . we had some drinks and i got myself a lil tipsy ( she didn’t take alcohol ) .

Immediately we got home i lay down on the couch and slept off while she is busy watching a movie on my laptop.

I’m the kind of person that sleeps like a soldier in the battle field, i wake up at every slight noise thoughtless of a touch.

So it wasn’t up to an hour when i felt a touch on hand. I open my eyes slightly and it was my cousin sister holding my hand. At first i thought it was a sister-brother friendly touch; I wanted to hold her hold back firmly to show her that i have awoken. But before i could do that i notice she was pulling my hand slowly toward her direction. Her action was strange to me so i decided to keep calm and find out what she was up to.

To my greatest surprise, she pulled my hand and placed it on her breast. I felt like asking her “what is wrong with youi” ; but again i thought about how embarrassed and ashamed she will be and if she would ever have the guts to face me after such confrontation . so i decided to keep calm and to only react if she goes further. After few minutes, she stood up and want into the room .

In the morning i drove her to the park, and she abode a bus and left.

This is somebody i grew up with; her dad and my dad are blood brothers…. so we bear same surname. We even attend same primary school ; those days most people thought we were twins as we were born on same year but different month . i dont know what has gotten into her that made her behave the way she did.

But i have decided to keep what happened within myself. I hope i took the right decision. She is my sister and i wouldn’t want any bad blood between us. i’m still shocked though