“His mother is against our marriage because…”

"His mother is against our marriage because..."

From a female blog reader:

Please post my story. I am tearing apart. I am a single mom who has a cute 6 year old boy, and his father has never taken care of him since I delivered him. I decided to start all over again and have a relationship now I am in a serious committed relationship but I made sure I didn’t lie about having a baby. We have been together for two years now and it’s time to meet his mom bt somehow she found out I have a baby and cos of that she has told her son he can’t marry a single mom dat it has never been done in their family. Please help us we are both torn apart because anytime he tries to make her see reason that my son won’t even stay with us she gets very emotional that my boyfriend doesn’t even know what else to do. It’s not very easy for the both of us to give up now. Please help me in both prayers and advice on what to do. I don’t regret having my baby. He means the world to me. But my mom takes care of him cos I am in my final year now.