Hilarious: Signs To Know That Your New Girlfriend Does Not Know How To Cook

 Hilarious: Signs To Know That Your New Girlfriend Does Not Know How To Cook

The write-up was sent in by an NGLatest reader. Read and enjoy:

I was at an old friend’s place sometime ago after several invitations for a little get-together. I never knew that other old school mates of mine had also been invited too. It was really a great re-union as we had the chance of having some interesting discussions on the past; we had a good time cracking jokes and we almost laughed our heads off…then something happened that spoilt the beautiful get-together! cheesy. Our host quickly told his pretty girlfriend to prepare a bountiful meal for everyone in order to grace the gathering. God knows I was terribly hungry that day and I started salivating when I saw her taking out the ingredients from the freezer…turkey laps and assorted meats (Shaki, Abodi, Liver, Pomo, Roundabout, etc)…fresh red tomatoes like those ones found around the Gaza Strip in Palestine…and the rest. Deh talk am say woman wey nor sabi cook nor really sabi cook even with all the ingredients in the world!!! It was an irony that we all ate the food in silence after it had been prepared! It was really embarrasing. Our host was highly embarassed as I observed his facial expression; though, I didn’t blame him but his girlfriend who failed to learn how to cook!!! grin. I almost thought I was eating real granites from Okpella in Edo State while eating the rice! The stew was extremely tasteless to the point where guys started picking just the meats! No dulling…Warri children!!! grin grin

There are so many young ladies who are very bad cooks; it is okay if you are eager to learn but when you feel that you can feed your would-be husband and children with the foods you get from Tantalizer, Shoprite, Sizzlers, Komchop and Chicken Republic, then you need serious help! Men love good food cooked at home by their partner…don’t push him to start hanging out with another lady that knows how to cook good food cool. Remember, Ekaete and Ebiere are everywhere o! grin

If you are a lady and you are bad at cooking, why not try and get enrolled in a catering school this 2016? Abeg, make you troway shame o! Let it be among your resolutions and stop adding unnecessary stuffs such as looking more posh this new year! Your man could be taken by a woman that’s not as posh as you because she knows how to take care of your man’s stomach better than you!!!

Guys, watch out for these signs to know your girlfriend is a bad cook:

1) She brings tasty food in, telling you she cooked it but she will never cook in your presence! We go use Gbejero eye take look that type of babe o! grin Na lie she dey lie… She probably stopped by at an eatery!

2) She always invite a friend to cook with her, especially when you are not around! Na afraid de catch am. She nor wan spoil the food grin

3) She is a bad cook when you always feel that she added rice to the salt instead of the other way round cheesy

4) She always feel it is cool if both of you eat outside instead of a good food prepared at home!

5) She tells you that she loves noodles a lot! Na lie be that. If she knew how to cook well, she would love to cook something else. Indomie na bird food!!! grin

6) Seriously, I wonder why some babes fix artificial finger nails on all 10 fingers!!! How you go take wash banga nah?