Her Husband Beats Her, Denies Her Sex And Now She Wants To Cheat

Her Husband Beats Her, Denies Her Sex And Now She Wants To Cheat 

A male NGLatest blog reader needs advice on behalf of a married female friend who wants to cheat on her husband. Before passing a judgement, let’s take a look at the story:

I came into Lagos today to meet some’o’ma guys ahead of my birthday poo, then I met this woman at a shop where I went to buys some cd, (I knew her before). So she talked about missing me and all that, saying that I don’t check on her again and have forgotten her and so on, then I told her I ain’t permanently staying in Lagos, that I only do come occasionally.

Then I told her she be shining so fine and meaty now to which she frowned at before telling me what she been going through.

She told me her husband beats her at every slight provocation, does not touch her, hardly helps her financially, and so on. She told me she misses sex so much (I got the message), asked me if I know she’s never Ben touched by her so-called husband since I left Lagos? Then I told her she’ll be fine, and asked her if she’s discussed the problems with her husband before, then she said yes and it always ends with insults on her wen she talks about it. Then she said the one that interests me.. She said “SHE WOULDN’T MIMD GETTING IT ELSE WHERE”.

Guys I know what she meant when she said that… and I know you all know same. Now what would u have me do in this situation? She’s been my friend for a long time now and she needs my help.