“Help! I Can’t Talk To Girls”

"Help! I Can't Talk To Girls" 

A male NGL reader needs help on her to “chyke” the opposite sex. Advice from the gentlemen and the ladies would be appreciated.

Here he goes:

Am now grown up so dont think am a kid anymore.
I have this problem which is making me feel bad.
Ofcourse am good looking; everything an average lady will want in a guy.
have a lot of female friends too but the problem is that although some
of them have been showing me their green light, its so difficult for me
to sit with a lady and discuss heart issues. Even if I eventually sit
with a lady our discussion will gradually shift to a different topic.
hurting me deep down. Everyday I sit with a pretty lady in a taxi but
each time i feel like saying something, my lips just become heavy.
I feel lonely.

legends in the industry and even ladies, I need your advice. How I do I
break free from these attitude or in simple steps..how do I toast a