“Help! He’s Playing Mind Games With Me”

"Help! He's Playing Mind Games With Me" 

A female blog reader needs help.

Good evening House and i must confess,what a page….it has blessed me more than expected. ..God bless u everyday….well back to d reason y am here

This is very urgent and i hope it gets posted ASAP and pls kindly hide my identity.

Am 29yrs and in a relationship of about 5months now with a guy thats chaming,loving,caring and hes also a good cook (dont dare him in d kitchen) okay fast forward to whats happening. Before we met he actually had a relationship of 4yrs and the babe practically breaks up with him almost every 3months,meanwhile their relationship has been based on distance cus she stays in d east while his is South west. Okay now after we met he actually told me that hes tired of d relationship and wants to move ahead cus the babe has being tying him down of settling down.

December last year she returned the ring he engaged her with along side with a letter stating that he sud come get her if he still wants her (he immediately called me and told me about the development and he also promised that since shes out of d equation we can now focus on what we need to do) and on the other hand his parents had called the babe several ⌚ but to no avail..so they decided to let her go and asked him to choose right.

Now January passed she didnt reach out not until Feb 8 towrads val,she kept calling and calling with alot of text to back it up which almost caused a big fight btw me and my bf…13th of February was his brodas intro and on getting home he met the babe in his parents house not knowing that his mum had already called the babe to come and they insisted that my bf and her should settle since she has realized her mistake and come begging (he tells me everything ). Now he told his parents that hes not interested anymore but they wut just let him be infact the babes mum will not let him be..calling him that she doesnt want her daughter to die that he should please forgive her cus she crys everyday and night… But still he tells me that he loves me that he knows what he wants that i should pls give him time and b patient with him which am really trying to do but my fear is (1)

is he telling me all this in order to prepare me for the worse like d ‘shebi i told u tingy, wud i leave her for u’ (shey u get?) Or (2) i should just let him go and hope to find my own man

But now my bf has not been calling for almost two weeks now,v tried all my best but its not good enough and d only reason y am calling is to collect the money i helped him with…he even lied to me on my birthday said he bought a gift for me and cus he was mad at me he gave it out to beggers,pls who does that…am just tired!!!