Help: Her Husband Demands Too Many…

The story was sent in by an NGlatest reader.

I married my husband September last year. We have been having issues
since the beginning of this year because of the number of children he
wants us to have. Before we got married, we talked about it and agreed
we would have three children max, to be able to take care of them
properly which was what I had always wanted.

He had a dream the
night before the new year that he was playing with children, he couldn’t
give an exact number but said they were up to ten and since then he
said it is a sign from God that we should give birth to more children.
He can be very spiritual sometimes but I thought he was just kidding
because I am three months pregnant at the moment and feel its normal
during this period to dream about children since we are expecting a
baby. Before I knew what was happening, he told me that he has prayed
and made a final decision to have SIX children without even discussing
with me first.

I am the woman and the one who will take in, go
through all the pregnancy stress, labour, delivery, children wahala,
work, husband and the home all at the same time. How does he expect me
to manage? I don’t even want to hear, but our parents and grandparents
survived it. That was then abeg. Most men will always say they will
support and all that, it’s just cheap talk, while in reality its

Children are blessings that I know but I have never
imagined going through labour more than three times talk more of six.
What if I cannot give birth to more than three children we initially
agreed on or even less, who knows what he will do then. My marriage is
still fresh, and I am already getting tired of everyday quarrels because
of it.

I have talked and talked, now I keep quiet about it and
keep praying he changes his mind one day but what if he doesn’t because I
am sure he is also praying too. When I think about who God will answer
scares me the most… I don’t know what to do anymore.

Please advise.