“Help! Her Attitude Is Confusing But I Want To Marry Her”

"Help! Her Attitude Is Confusing But I Want To Marry Her" 

E-mail sent in by a confused NGLatest reader who is currently in dilemma with the fiance of his:

I have been dating this gal for almost a year now, and I must tell u she
is the best thing that has ever happened to me relationship wise.
Everything about her is just awesome…minus her height but I didn’t
mind. I have loved her the best a guy could love a gal, and she has
always responded even greater. So early this year I decided to make her
my life partner cos she’s also from my community, I told my mum about
her and she said she’ll check her background. She did and gave me the
nod. Then I told her I want to wife her…….. She said she’s OK with
it but I should give her time to pray over it I said fine. She’s 24 and
I’m 28 we are both ssce cert but I’m making a good living (I earn about
80k monthly). I told her my mum wants to meet her by first week of
may…..na dia issues start, she told me I should wait for her for
another 2yrs to get her ND I said no. Let’s marry I’ll start u a
business and from there after two kids u would start a part time with
the open University. Or any part time program… Currently we both have
not reached any compromise and she has been crying on phone since
Friday…. Pls what should I do? . Ur advice is important to me right