“He wants my parents to know about our relationship, I refused”

"He wants my parents to know about our relationship, I refused"

From a female blog reader:

please post and make me anonymous ….i don’t have a relationship problem, I just need your advise on this….. I have been dating my boyfriend for four years now, we both love each other and we know it, he is currently serving and I just graduated from the university,the problem now is he wants me to tell my parent about him and by the way he’s parents and siblings know about us, but I just feel it’s not the right time yet ,i feel am still too young at 21 to introduce my boyfriend to my parent, and also he isn’t settled yet I don’t want my parent to think low of him ..he is a very nice guy and I really love him, even if I want to tell my mum about it how should I go about it, cos I don’t have that kinda relationship with my mum, or how do I explain to my guy it isn’t time for that and I will be travelling out of the country ending of next year and by the way my bf is 25…. will be reading your comments…thanks love u guys