He usually flashes torchlight into my womanhood to check if I’m cheating

He usually flashes torchlight into my womanhood to check if I'm cheating

From a female blog reader:

God blessed me with a very good shape that I can’t pass without heads turning to admire me. So I fell in love with my boyfriend, as much as he had nothing I still loved him like that , but he is too insecure and it gets me scared . Anytime I go to work and come back,he will ask me to open my legs, then he will use rechargeable lamp and flash it into my pussy, that he wants to check if any man entered me, sometimes he puts his fingers and smell it or he uses cotton wool. At first I felt it was fun to see a guy who is obsessed over you and want to protect you but am getting very uncomfortable. I have told him to stop but if I insist he will deny me sex and accuse me of cheating.i really love this guy, so I need to know if it is normal, or if anyone is experiencing same. Or is it because he does not have a job yet? Am tired of throwing my pussy wide open everyday for a man that is not even married to me, I feel stupid every time I let him do all that to me. Funny enough the day I cheated and he flashed touch and did his smelling therapy , he did noteven perceive dick. How do I stop him without losing him?