“He still tells me I’m his sidechick even after giving him baby twins”

"He still tells me I'm his sidechick even after giving him baby twins"

From a female blog reader:

I have been sending mails to u and u have refused to post ! Please post this one! I met this guy some years ago and he told me he had a girlfriend! It didn’t change how I felt for him so we started dating! He loves that his girlfriend too much ehn! Although she’s like 15 years older than him! Someone would think he’s with her cause of money but No, He really really loves her! As for me, he just gives me attention cause his girlfriend lives in Canada! I pay some of his bills and he had never given me even a before! But I take him out, but him gifts, pay our hotel bills and stuff like that! He doesn’t show me off! But that lady is all over his snapchat and Instagram! It has always bothered me buh I’ve never complained because he told me before we started dating! Now I want to leave him but I don’t know how! Because I have a 4 days old set of twin boys for him! I’m in London right now! Did I mention that he broke up with me when I got pregnant? He said he doesn’t know what to tell his girlfriend! He started talking to me like a month before I gave birth but he’s still with his girlfriend! He will never choose me over her! What do I do? Should I just zero my mind from him? Who will marry me with another mans twins? Should I keep dating him and hope he’ll choose me one day? Should I keep giving him boyfriend benefits like faithfulness and sex and get used to being his side bitch forever while he loves another? Please criticism is allowed!! Thank you!