“He flogs me like a child. Should I marry him?”

"He flogs me like a child. Should I marry him?"

From a female blog reader:

Pls i dont want any insultive comment i just need advice…,
Have being dating a guy for d past 4 years now,nd wat i keep getting is torture,he treats me asif i am nobody,at times he ask me to kneel down nd he beats me with bealt,still m d one feeding him nd paying his bill,because of d luv i ve for him i couldn’t end d relationship i always have d belive that he will change rather he became worst,a frnd of mine came visiting nd she met me were i was kneeling down waiting for my punishment,she asked me what happened i couldnt tell her anytin untill my boyfriend came nd she saw how he was beating me like an animal, she adviced me to end d relationship but i refused because m so obsessed about him,after years of maltreatment i decided it was time to end d realtionship,cause he wasnt showing any intrest in me again,he brings different ladies home nd ve sex wid them in my presence,i left his house without saying anytin,since 2013 that i left him,he never called me or begged me for wat he did to mee untill last week,when he called me on my birthday that was wen he begged him nd he asked us to come back, tho i still luv him but i dont want to suffer wat i suffered in d past,i was suprise wen he asked me to marry him…i dont know what to do..should i collect d ring or not tho i still love him after so many years…pls what will i do