“He doesn’t trust my judgement. What should I do?”

"He doesn't trust my judgement. What should I do?"

From a female blog reader:

I’m currently in a relationship with a man..quite a responsible one I must say to his basic responsibilities.

One thing he bothers me the most is the fact that he can’t trust on my opinion and my judgement only. He has this so called friend at work female and married whom I was so okay with their friendship until I realised that it’s going beyond now. This man asks for all sorts of opinions from her. And by all sorts I mean everything.the kind of conversations they have,even escorting the lady to the lingerie store. This makes me so uncomfortable because I feel even our problems are kept out there.

Now yesterday he sent me a wrong text msg claiming to have been sent by the girl where again he was asking some pretty intimate questions which he could have the answers to himself or simply ask me.

This bothered me and I asked him and he quickly responded to whom the text came from but again claimed it was from the girl in the office. I got so pissed coz I felt he was not being honest but I did not say much.he went beyond telling me I should go ahead and ask the girl something he likes saying even though he knows I can’t do it.

This relationship annoys me I have told him about it but doesn’t seem to get it. What do I do?I belive it’s his job to man up and create boundaries but if he hasn’t done that yet means he doesn’t want to and doesn’t want to change which I find immature.
Should I just let it go? But the more I let go the more trust I loose over him and we have a created a certain kind of foundation in our relationship.I can’t talk to the girl about it because even if he is my man I can’t lower myself to her it’s his job. I can’t keep telling a grown man the same thing repeatedly over and over it’s tiresome. Regardless of how much I love him.and am done playing detective with this man it’s tiresome. I wish I’d let go because am tired but I can’t due to circumstances.
What do I do. Kindly advise