He doesn’t trust me even after 5 years of dating

He doesn't trust me even after 5 years of dating

From a female blog reader:

I need help ASAP before I finally loose my mind. Am having this issue of communicating with my man we have been together for 5years and yet he still locks me out of his business and dosnt trust me even with how transparent I am. Recently he traveled for more than a week he hardly called to check up or know how am doing claimed to have been busy(how busy can you get really?) I tried complaining abt the issue to him but he indirectly called me a nag and said we’ll talk about it later (wasn’t ok with it because I love to forget things that upset me) I told him it’s better we talk abt it den instead of leaving anger to grow but he ignored me. No problem, my boyfriend came home and because I didn’t want to start any fight, I acted cool for more than 1week expecting him to bring up the issue so we culd clarify it ones and for all(I was even sick in midst of all these yet he didn’t care). On my quest for finding peace in my relationship, I told him I’ll be leaving for a while since I noticed he needed space (expecting he’ll ask me not to go) he said OK Infact d next day he kept on asking when I was going LOL. Finally I changed my mind Nd went to a restaurant to chill den I went home later. Behold I saw some girls in the house out of shock I was nice, I entertained them well. But then I culdnt take it anymore I felt very stupid so I left d house again he came after me and asked where I was going, said I needed to be alone so he gave me a cold shoulder and went bk to meet his guests. Got bk home later at night Nd he wasn’t home I tried calling but he put off his phone! Now he’s acting pieced. Told him he disrespected me dat I wunt date him again Nd he said ok am still in shock but trying not harm myself by crying so much. Please what do I do? Am way too upset to think straight right now. This isn’t the first time. He dosnt know how to apologize, he feels to big to say sorry! Everything comes first but me. He says he loves and appreciates me but his actions says the exact opposite. I have tried commutating but I get called a nag. Iv tried to brkup but he wuldnt let me.