He copied my style – Denrele blasts popular Nigerian gay Idris Okuneye

He copied my style - Denrele blasts popular Nigerian gay Idris Okuneye
Denrele Edun is a media personality and presenter who had been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. Fast-rising social media controversialist Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky who began trending last week after flaunting an alleged 7m naira gift he received from his male “bae” said some things about Denrele which the latter did not apparently like.

To clear the air, 33-year-old Denrele said in a statement that Bobrisky is below his standards, having stepped into the game just too recently.

Denrele said in a chat with Saturday Beats:

“I heard something about Bobrisky saying that Denrele is poor, that he has a Lexus and a Benz and I have nothing.  I thought it was funny when I heard it but I did not reply. Such people are looking for followers. I don’t respond to those things.

“It is normal for people to tend to compare us because we have a certain way of dressing that is totally different from what everybody knows. Of course they would try to compare and contrast.
The kind of job that I do allows me to meet all kinds of people. If somebody gives me N10m, I would not open my mouth to tell anybody because the person that gave me the money would not want me to say it. I do not have to prove anything to anybody.

“I have been with this brand identity for a very long time and if someone is stealing my style, it means the person is not original. If you are doing it your own way, then you are original.
We are two different people and from the pictures I have seen, I noticed he uses a lot of heavy make-up, I use only powder and that is because I am on the television. Also, he is a lot lighter than I am. We have met once and we do not have any beef.

“When we met, the first thing I asked him about his lashes because he wore very nice eye lashes and I love eye lashes. I told him his lashes were nice and he even told me where he did it and how much it cost. I have heard a lot of things that he said about me which are not so nice. Maybe it is to get my attention.”