“He clubs too much, I don’t think I can marry him”

"He clubs too much, I don't think I can marry him"

From a female blog reader:

Please keep me anonymous. I am a big fan of you page though I hardly comment on your posts. Please I need your advice. Straight to the point… I am 27 years old. I attended a rich friend’s house warning party in July, one thing led to the other we had sex. It was my first time of sleeping with him. I never had sex with a friend but didn’t know what came over me. Found out I’m pregnant He referred me to his doctor friend for a test when I told him about it and the result came out positive. He wants me to keep the pregnancy said he wants us to settle down. The problem is i’m not comfortable with him. I don’t want to marry him neither do i wish to abort. He is 40 years old, he clubs and keep late-night with friends. His lifestyle is just the opposite of mine. Should I abort it, keep it and stay single or marry him? Please advice me I don’t want to settle for less. No insult please..Thanks.