“Haven’t seen it but worried his manhood might be small and we’re about getting married”

"Haven't seen it but worried his manhood might be small and we're about getting married"

From a female blog reader:

Good afternoon. Am a lady in my early 20’s I haven’t been lucky with men since I started dating it’s either they are lazy and poor or rich and arrogant. I just graduated from the university and awaiting nysc. For some time I have been praying for a perfect man I even did fasting for it. The day I ended the fasting this guy who collected my number while I was in final year, called me. And he hasn’t called ever since he collected my number. He was everything I ever wanted in a man. He his sweet treats me like an egg and begging me to marry him as soon as possible. Though he is in his early 30’s, I like him alot he is very very up to date and not old school. He is also a Christian with a good job and a beautiful car which shows he can take care of me. The issue now is that he is a bit fat and his tummy is a bit protruding ( he actually promised to work out and have six packs for me) and am scared about his penis size. I don’t want a situation where I’ll marry him and the sex life would be terrible due to extremely small or extremely big dick. And I suggested we shouldnt have sex till after our wedding at first he didn’t agree but later he agreed to do so. So I need an advice on how to figure out his penis size and how he can loose a little weight.( because I am a person who is keen about fitness and am also in a very good shape with a flat tummy)