Harrison Gwamnishu narrates his ordeal spending 4 years in prison for incident he didn’t know about

Harrison Gwamnishu narrates his ordeal spending 4 years in prison for incident he didn't know about

I came across Harrison’s story as narrated by the victim himself. Harrison Gwamnishu is a Delta State born driver who found himself suffering under circumstances he knew nothing about. According to him, his former boss, a proven daughter of Jezebel who goes by the name Barr. Mary Agbajoh (pictured below) made life hell for him after she alleged that he was involved in a robbery attack on her.

Harrison Gwamnishu narrates his ordeal spending 4 years in prison for incident he didn't know about

Read his story:

The Pains And Agony….. I Was Hanged. True Life Story…….Harrison Gwamnishu.
I was a Driver to Former SSA to Former Delta State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan (Agbajoh). She was owning me 2months Salary and I resigned my appointment as Driver. Few months the gate man who walks where she reside called to to tell me she was attacked by her present Driver and she was in admission at St Luke’s Hospital. The following morning I came to Asaba and visited her at the hospital. Two months after I got another job and in the CV I submitted I wrote her name as who I have worked with before. They called her to verify and she told them to employ me. One monday morning I received a phone call from a man who identified himself as my ex boss brother. 

He told me he heard am no longer working with her sister and that he wanted me to help him drop a car in Abuja that he will pay me. We agreed to meet since is just to drop a car and returned. He told me to meet him at chronicle Hotel off Nnebisi Road in Asaba. Getting there I was arrested and taking to Area Command Asaba where I was detain for two days before Police officers from Lagos came and said they arrested the Driver of the woman who committed the crime that they are taking me for identification, that if the boy said am not among they will release me. The DPO area command Asaba, The IPO handed me to this ugly looking officers who started hitting me, slapping and beating me so hard that I began to plead. I was handcuffed, my two hands to my back and pushed into a Toyota camry car and drove me away.

On our way close to ORE in Benin they brought out phone to snap me and I refused and this warrant another hitting inside the car. They asked me to confess that they will stop beating me but I told them I know nothing about the robbery. They point gun to my knee to shoot, I looked up to heaven and started praying in my heart. They told me that if I don’t confess to the crime that they will kill me and dumb me inside the river and nobody will question them. Been the only child of my parents I wanted to agree so I will be freed but something keeps holding me back.

On my way, they stopped the car and asked me to come down, I thought I was gone forever. I was in tears, calling the old women there who sells Banana, pure water etc. To please pray for me that I was innocent of the crime. I saw the women who started praying for me and suddenly they pushed me back to the car and drove away. This time I crossed my heart to die since I can’t feel any pain from their heating. Hours of pain, the car finally drove into the Police Station in Lagos where the second round of torture started. I keep telling them to show me the Driver so he can identify me. But they keep hitting me. They removed my wears that was stayed in blood and took me to write my statement. In the statement I wrote that I knew nothing about the crime but instead they pushed me inside the cell and locked me among 60 other suspects inside a small cell. We were all standing cos there was no single space to sit. Two weeks of horror still in detention, some of the officers who dressed like mafias, with ear ring, they don’t look like Police officers, at times at night they will call names like 8-15 suspects out from the cell room thinking is for investigations but next thing we hear is several gun shots.

We hear men, boys, young future leaders of this great country groaning and screaming. Before 5am they will call five of us from the cell to carry these dead bodies into a Hilux Van and God knows what happens to their bodies. Among the once killed is a man who has spent 6months in their custody and the wife came to look for her. They started calling his name and later told the wife the man is not in their cell. That man was among the once they called out and killed. A man inside the cell with us was shouting that the Jewelry and clothes the IPO wears to work belongs to him that they took them the day he was arrested. They will arrest suspect, go for investigation, pack properties, if lucky sent to prison if not Lucky die by torture or gunshot. I became worried. One morning I saw my IPO passing and started shouting that he brought me from Asaba for Identification but am still in custody.

Few months later they opened the gate and handcuffed me and told me we are going to kirikiri Prison that the boy is already in remand. They drove me down to kirikiri and after documentation they brought the boy out. I was mixed with five other Prisoners and they asked the boy to show them Harrison who follow him for Robbery. The boy couldn’t identify me. They point to me and told him if am not the Harrison that followed him for the robbery, he said NO that the boy that follow him does not look like me. In the presence of the female prison staff, two other male Prison staffs, the boy wrote and signed a statement saying am not the Harrison who followed him to attack his boss. I was so happy that even the prisoners and the prison staff standing rejoicing with me. They drove me back to their office and pleaded with me to stay till tomorrow so the woman, (Ex Boss) can come. The next morning the woman came and they told her what happened, how the boy couldn’t identify me. The woman told the police to detain me that she saw me that day and I was the one that hit her with axe. The police officers started blowing me as if am Tyson. Then they took me to a place they wrote “THEATER” . They tied my two hands to my back, use iron bar to raise me up and hanged me. My body paralyze, I couldn’t shout. it was hell and I heard a voice shouting to them to bring me down. I later saw myself at Police College Clinic Ikeja where some doctors were pressing my chest, later they referred me to another hospital, General hospital in Ikeja. Next day I was brought to court magistrate court 27 Ikeja. No lawyer to stand for me, no family member. The Prosecutor told the magistrate “this is the second armed robber in that case” Then the magistrate started reading that he has no Jurisdiction to trial my case that am hereby remanded to prison custody pending DPP advice. From there I entered the Black Maria. I was sent to the same Prison where they took me for identification. Getting there the Prison staff who were there when I was brought, took me in and I explained to them what happened. After some documentation they found out I was good in computer operation and the head of record office told me to start helping him out in typing and also teach other prisoners how to operate computer. There, the Prison became a home for me. We were 2,574 inmates in kirikiri medium prison and only 104 was convicted. The remaining were Awaiting Trials. My parents were in far Delta, It was hard to cope since I have nobody in Lagos. My story later got to CHAZ B inspiration Fm who contacted one Barr Valentine Utulu and luckily an Ogwashi Uku Man who visit me with his family and also making sure I get justice. Also was Mrs Ebere Ameh who came to visit me and published my story and Barr Gabriel Giwa Amu of Stephen and Solomon Foundation Lagos who I call Prisoners Angel too the case as if I was his son or younger brother. He spent his money, I paid him kobo, to make sure I get justice and freed from Prison. He worked tirelessly with his team of professionals and October 2013 the magistrate court stroke out my case for lack of Jurisdiction and ordered the police to take me back to Delta. I was transferred back to Delta and was again detained in State CID, police Headquarters Asaba. This is after spending 2yrs Awaiting Trial. Another man who heard my story Chief Emma Ejiofor sent team of lawyers from Lagos Barr Chris Esewezie and Raymond Nice who several petitions but the Police refused to let me go. I was remanded by a magistrate court to Ogwashi uku prison. I was already used to the system, so getting to Ogwashi Uku Prison was like a Junior Secondary School. The fears gone, I knew freedom was close because The prisoners Angel who was sent by God Gabriel Giwa Amu has defeated the Lagos Police. Inside Ogwashi Uku Prison a cell room houses 180 inmates with just two toilets. It was a war of Survival of the fittest. When you Wake up in the morning u noticed that somebody lying close to you is dead. Tuberculosis, rashes, strokes became our neighbor. Majority with frivolous charges dies before trial and nobody talks about them. We eat food that ministers dog can not eat, we are left to die. Little children will sleep, eats and share story where we they tagged armed robbers are. The rich keeps getting bail with personal recognition, the rich who stole Billions meant for the whole country get 5 million naira option of fine and the poor hungry man who is been alleged for stealing, kidnap end up not getting bail or convicted for 24yrs, life in Prison, Condemned to death. The rich keeps getting prerogative of Mercy and the poor man who have served 5 years, 11 years, 30 years with hard labour who prays everyday for freedom is still there sweating it out. Let no man call himself free until .

On 30th November 2015 I was discharged by State High Court in Asaba Delta state of Four Count Criminal Charge after spending Four years Awaiting Trial in Four Prisons in Nigeria first was kirikiri Medium, Kirikiri Maximum, Ikoyi Prison and Ogwashi Uku Prison. Life after Prison became so tough for me that I decided to visit some of the Churches, Pastors, Rev Father’s that visit us to serve us Holy Communion and the pastors that Preaches that Old things are Passed away. On monday morning I walked into a catholic church along DBS road (Those familiar with Asaba knows the church). I met the Rev father who serves us with Holy Communion and we had a chat. Harrison: Good morning Father Rev Father: Good morning, who are you? Harrison: My name is Harrison Gwamnishu, I just left Prison (His Countenance changed). Rev Father: Where? Harrison: Ogwashi Uku Prison Rev father: Prison…. No No No, pls I don’t attend to people from prison once they are out. Once they are out I have nothing to do with them anymore. He couldn’t allow me to say anything. He walks me out of his office. I was still at the church premises thinking where I could go and a man walks to me and told me the Rev father said he has seen me that I should leave the church premises. I have no place to sleep, I have no friends to call, I was stranded with no money to enter available keke. So I trekked out and saw a church, close to the catholic church, then I walked in and saw the secretary and shared my testimony with her. She was so glad and assured me that Daddy, G O will assist me. That G O hears my story he will help. To cut it short……After telling Daddy G O my story, he advice me to get a lawyer and file a legal action against the police and the people who took me to Prison. He felt sorry and asked me to go and return. I was happy that Daddy G O will remove me from the street. I came again and again and again, Daddy G O nor gree see me. Sorry for the language oo.. until one Tuesday Morning, I knocked and opened the Daddy G O’s office and his eyes gaze to mine and he shouted “Get out of my office” immediately without wasting time I closed the door and walk away. I decided to look for for a job, since my village is not far from Asaba I can be coming from village with the help of my parents.

I entered a Filing station, only filing station along Maryann Babaginda way, Central Bank road. I saw Vacancy Advert and decide to enter bcos I know too well am the best for the job (Driving Job). I told the man my name, where am from. The man looks at me, looks at my driving license, brought out his phone and started typing. And he showed me his phone and it was my name Harrison Gwamnishu on Google Search Engine and the result reads Harrison Gwamnishu innocent Prisoner in Kirikiri Prison. After reading the man told me that I should go. I got contact of Deputy speaker of state House of Assembly. I was told he offers scholarship to poor citizens in the state and immediately I told him I wanted to meet him, he blocked me. Why are they scared? For many life after Prison is a constant Battle for survival, no wonder the Rate of Recidivism is high in Nigeria. Many of my kind who don’t end up returning to Prison are forced into Poverty and homelessness and thereby return to crime. Many of ex inmates I know today sleep in Abraka Market. They have no Education, no skills. Few churches i have worshiped want me to be member and win souls for them and not for God. They are after the church increase.

Am asking where can one find the person’s like Chief Barr Gabriel Giwa Amu, Barr Emeka Utulu in Delta state? Where? How? when? We need someone who understands what it mean to be in prison, coming out from prison. Someone told me and said he understand how I feel, I said is a lie. Until u enter there, that’s when u will know how it hurts.