“Had an affair with a married woman and now she’s back”

"Had an affair with a married woman and now she's back"
From a confused blog reader:

I am a frequent user and I will like your views on this..I am involved with a married woman of 28 she is my neighbor and a game of friend with 1 child while am just 23. I never plan 4 it but ever since I ban that woman 4 d first time she don’t wanna let me go she even sort me with money most times and I said am not interested anymore but she keep disturbing my life and says she is already getting use 2 my dick because truth b told I have a PHD (pretty huge dick)I’m 6 and half inches long.

 To cut d story short,,she is trying 2 screw up and make d people around us knows what is going on because even wen I dont talk 2 her she has access 2 our apartment and can cum in and out anytime she wants because as far as everyone is concern we r jusy “close friends)

Please how do I get rid of dis wahala and keep getting d financial support I need from her? Pleas help a brother out