Graphic: Two married women pour hot water on themselves over husband

Graphic: Two married women pour hot water on themselves over husband

Two women identified as Muyibat (32) and Biliki (29) have caused extensive injuries to their skin after they pour hot water on their skin during a fight last weekend in Lagos State. Muyibat who got sent packing from her husband’s house last year Biliki of marrying her old, longtime former boyfriend and having children which made the duo to go into a fight.

Graphic: Two married women pour hot water on themselves over husband

Narrating her version Muyibat explained:

“Biliki told neighbours that she once dated my husband and that she aborted for him during their relationship. She calls me Iyawo Sara (free wife). I have never known peace in that house. She fights me over every minor issue.

“On Saturday, I went to the market with my husband and when we got home, my child started crying. Biliki’s younger brother, Ahmed, came out and shouted at him and I cautioned him. His sister then picked up a quarrel with me and started raining curses on me. I did not talk because I was observing a fast. While she was abusing me, I sneezed and said, ‘Ausubillahi minashaitani rojeem’ (God, deliver me from the devil). Biliki, who is also a Muslim, thought I was referring to her and queried me for calling her a devil.

“I removed the water I was boiling for my vegetables and put it on the table. She (Biliki) held my head from behind and poured the hot water on me. Her younger brother slammed a plastic paint on my head, while she drew my hair. Both of them assaulted me,”

On her own part Biliki explained:

“I went back to my parents’ house when I had issues with my husband. Because of that, many of the tenants started ridiculing me.

“I was ill that Saturday and was sleeping beside my baby. Her child had come to play with my baby when she called him back. When the child didn’t heed her call, she hit him and the child started crying.

“Another child passing through the passageway was also crying that partcular time. My younger brother asked the other boy to stop crying and Muyibat abused my brother.

“My brother reported her to me and I told him not to reply her. She then started insulting me. We fought and our neighbours came to separate us.

“I was backing her when somebody suddenly shouted, ‘hot water!’ As I turned back with my hands raised, she emptied a kettle of hot water on me. Because my hand was raised when she attacked me, a little of the water splashed on her.”

The two women have reported the issue to the Police. The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos said the duo have been asked to go to hospital for treatment and bring back their reports.