Graphic: “Mad” stepmother breaks her son’s head with high heel shoes

Graphic: "Mad" stepmother breaks her son's head with high heel shoes

Mojisola Jaqueen Ajenifuja gave her stepson a remarkable wound he won’t forget in a hurry at their residence in Benson Road, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State on Friday 17th June 2016.

Graphic: "Mad" stepmother breaks her son's head with high heel shoes

Asked why his mum dished out the treatment on him, the 15-year-old victim who gave his name as Abdulgafar Ajenifuja said, “she ordered me to wash plates but I told her to give him more time to study for the practical I will be having the next day.”

His words:

“I managed to escape after the cut, I ran down stairs to call on the neighbors for help and told them to take me to my big daddy’s house where I was treated fast because his house is very close to my father’s family house that I’m living in with my mother and younger ones.

“Please take me away from my mother before she kill me.I was very brilliant before now and I was a happy boy with my father’s family members around me but now they are far away because of my mother.”

 An unnamed family member told reporters:

“Moji is a threat to the family and the children, even neighbors too. She fights with everybody. We the family have told her to leave severally because of her cruel behavior towards the children and everyone.”

Also, a neighbour described the incident saying:

“Iya Gafar is a mad woman. She is a disgrace to motherhood. The society should not allow this type of a woman to be responsible with a child. A woman who can fight the whole members of her husband family and force them to leave their father’s house is capable of doing anything to the children and force them out of their fathers house too.”