Governor Umahi bans foreign rice in Ebonyi State

Governor Umahi bans foreign rice in Ebonyi State

The Ebonyi State Government has embarked on the banning of sales of rice grains imported from outside Nigeria. The move by the agric-inclined Southeast Nigerian state is coming after the Federal Government placed a ban on the import of foreign rice nationwide.

Speaking on the development, Governor David Umahi said in Ebonyi capital, Abakaliki on Monday:

“I will personally lead a task-force, consisting of the State Executive Council members to various markets and enforce the order.

“Individuals who are selling the produce will provide certification of its quality because most of the rice brought into the state is not parboiled.

“Any rice that is not parboiled after six months turns to chaff as most of them brought into the country stay for about 10 years before being imported.

“The rice then becomes poisonous and we have banned cooking of non-Ebonyi rice inside the state’s Government House, hotels and public functions.

“The Ebonyi rice still presents its unique taste even when cooked without meat and we will give you some quantities for attestation.”