Government should ban MMM immediately – Freeze

Government should ban MMM immediately - Freeze

OAP Freeze has weighed into the controversial issue of MMM which has proved to be a money spinner for emplyed and unemployed youths alike, albeit warnings from the Central Bank of Nigeria urging people to desist from what it describes as a Ponzi Scam-styled scheme.

Freeze said on Wednesday after the latest round of warnings by the CBN:

CBN declares MMM fraud, RCCG parish advertises it. Which do we believe????
Is it in order to generate more for tithe and offering???
50 people allegedly committed suicide in Russia due to MMM can’t people read readily available facts?
Why is CBN declaring them fraudulent, shouldn’t they be shutting down their operations?
I think these are soul searching questions we should ask our selves! Have a blessed day!

Dearies, do you agree with him?