Goodluck Jonathan The Silent Dictator, by Zizo

Goodluck Jonathan The Silent Dictator, by Zizo
This opinion article was authored by a political writer who simply goes by the name Zizo. He writes on the dictatorship features of former President Goodluck Jonathan that were overlooked by the majority of the Nigerian masses who prefer to see the Bayelsa State-born Zoologist as a meek gentleman.


They think we have forgotten:
– The then President Jonathan sacked the President of the Appeal court because he refused to compromise on the case involving the ruling party and ruling that forensic examination be allowed on materials used for the 2011 Presidential election. Even when the NJC asked that he be reinstated, Jonathan refused yet, he is your HERO OF DEMOCRACY.
– All the security details attached to then Speaker of House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal were withdrawn by the Federal Government led by Jonathan yet, you still didn’t see any reason not to worship him.
– For weeks in 2014, the Governor of Kano State kept shouting that security aides posted to watch over the state house were recalled as a result of orders from above, not once did you accuse Jonathan of tyranny.
– For appointing Sanusi Lamido as Emir of Kano which was within the rights and powers of the Kano State Government, Jonathan ordered security agents to lay siege at the Emir’s palace. For days, the Emir operated from the Kano State Government House. You didn’t call Jonathan by the dictatorship that he was acting out then.
– Jonathan withdrew the security details attached to then Governor Amaechi, Jonathan grounded the plane of Amaechi, Jonathan masterminded and hugely supported the division and crisis in the Rivers State House of Assembly, Jonathan allowed his wife to govern Rivers from Abuja, Jonathan used Mbu to embarrass and harass a sitting Governor, Jonathan crippled Rivers because Amaechi was the Governor yet, you still see Jonathan as a demigod.
– In this same country, we saw how Jonathan supported the destruction of the once vibrant Governors’ Forum by supporting 16 against 19 yet, you see him as one decent man who should be seen as a Hero.
– We have not forgotten how Jonathan used state power to prevent sitting Governors from reaching a part of the country to support the reelection of one of their own because they were in the opposition and you who is laying claim to fairness and pretending to love Democracy still claim you miss this same character.
– In this same country, we saw the circulation of an undisputed video by an army officer detailing how soldiers were used to rig the election in Ekiti State to favour the thug governing the state today and yet, you see same Jonathan who was Commander in Chief of all these barbarism as decent enough to be called a hero.
– In his desperation to see the Governor Nyako impeached, The Presidency under Jonathan had the accounts of Adamawa State frozen. A State Government account oh and not personal account of the Governor and not once did you condemn the action nor call Jonathan the dictator he clearly was then.
– Same Jonathan you can almost worship today single handedly denied his then state Governor Timipre Sylva the right to seek the nomination of his party because he had personal grievances against him yet, you never for once accused him of abuse of power.
– For the first time in our history as a country, the CBN Governor was unilaterally sacked by the President without following the due process of our law because he asked questions regarding careless stealing of the nation’s money supervised and supported by Jonathan yet, you never called Jonathan the dictator he clearly was.
– As far as I can remember, the only people EFCC managed to temporarily wake up from their five years slumber under Jonathan to work on were those who criticized him and as soon as they changed gear, EFCC return back to their slumber yet, not once did you accuse him of bias nor selectivity.
As far as I know, Fayose is yet to deny that he received the alleged money traced to his account from Dasuki. What he is crying over is immunity and you who has never seen one million naira cash of your own is busy supporting him and shouting persecution. As you always say then, use the courts.
That you now call Buhari a Dictator while you still worship Jonathan must surely be giving the devil hope that he may not actually…
Stop making a fool of yourself.