“Girls loved me when I was a Yahoo boy but not anymore”

"Girls loved me when I was a Yahoo boy but not anymore"

From a male blog reader:

I was once a yahoo boy, before I touched money then.. I had this girl I was seeing, trying to gt her to date me. But she was giving me a no acceptance slogan and even went to kiss and almost made out with one of my friend.. Yet I overlooked and still continued with her.
Shortly then I got some cash and then she wanted all of me.. I couldn’t be with her anymore because I dont do competition, I rather let her be and got involve with a new girl. She was one of the prettiest on campus then.. He relationship went on for two years and then when I decided its time for a turn arnd in my life and to stop yahoo and stay on the legit side of life, things went to being normal.. the new girl and broken up because I could not meet her demands and she actually told me that guys my age are not ready for a serioua relationship or even think of settling down.. we broke up and till then, she’s not married but still with the guy.
So I tried to hook up back with the previous girl because am not a fan of just meeting a new girl and falling for her, though that shipped has sailed cause my new girl is fresh and I’m going to settle with her. But the previous chic always makes a comment that each time she’s with me, I don’t feel rich or have that aura of richness anymore like she use to know. Though I would loved to marry her because am already picking up up my game on this legit lane. I decided its best I let her go or we rather stay fresh.
The thing is if you dnt invest in anything you can enjoy the benefit of he gains after the pains. Even if you like meet a rich guy that can meet all your current needs if you guys don’t plan and invest to improve on that lifestyle you met yourself. You will definitely fall short on your standard of living.
A lot of ladies will remain single and unhappy in relationships and marriages if the dont invest to make it grow and work… Ask the old couples the celebrates 30, 40years in marriage, you will always hear the word committiment. Positive Commitments with a desired results.. Stay blessed and don’t allow other people opinion or experience makes you take a bad decision. Thanks as you post this.