Girl narrates how she movef into another man’s house after boyfriend threw her out

Girl narrates how she movef into another man's house after boyfriend threw her out

From a female blog reader:

Please keep me anonymous thank you
My boyfriend of two years sent me out of his house 2 weeks ago. Because I refused to bear a child for him I refused to do this because I don’t believe in having children out of wedlock. He told me he has found someone and she is already carrying his child. I didn’t even know how all these happens under my nose I was really hurt and betrayed. I left his house on the 10th of April with nowhere to go because my parents were not supportive of the relationship in the first place and shame wouldn’t let me return home, so I sat at his gate for hours crying hoping he might change his mind, neighbors came out to look at me and shook their head in pity but no one did anything to help my situation. It was later that evening that his neighbor Mr Adewale took me in to stay the night, I begged him to let me stay the week so I can figure myself out and he agreed under the condition that I will cook and clean for him which I accepted. I stayed there for a week plus, but during that period I was still obsessing over my ex, I’ll sneak to his backyard form the back gate at night to watch them make love, they made love almost every night and they even tried several sex positions that I and my ex never did,what hurt me the most was the fact that he even tried anal sex with her, knowing how much I loved anal and begged him to do it with me but he always gave me excuses like “I don’t want shit on my manhood” he started using this as excuse ever since an incident when I forgot to wipe and I smelt like shit during sex, he got pissed and he forced me to have my bath. His mood towards sex changed since that day.
Bottom line was one of these days when I was sneaking on him I saw his new girlfriend sleeping with another guy and I’m starting to think that she isn’t really pregnant. Help what do I do? Do I tell him about this or do I keep having sex with Mr Adewale and hope for a relationship with him in the future. Help guys