Girl narrates: I’m afraid that my boyfriend will make a violent husband

Girl narrates: I'm afraid that my boyfriend will make a violent husband

From a female blog reader:

Im in my early twenties i started dating this guy January of this year. Its a long distance relationship, im a student while he is a graduate everything between us have been going good until recently in October he started being extremely jealous . I went to visit him for a week and whenever my phone rang he wants to know who is calling if i dont tell him ,he pulls the phone from my hand to check who is calling. My ex called me within that week on two different occasions ,my boyfriend checked and found out. He wasnt very upset at that time but the next day he started yelling at me because of the call, i didnt want to beg because i did nothing wrong. And out of his raging jealousy and anger he slapped me (which he had never done before), i was very scared but before i went to bed he knelt down begged heaven and earth ,got me gifts to apologise. Now im thinking of leaving him because his family knows me and my family knows him too we are very serious i dont want to be with someone that will make me sad……Please should i leave or i should give him another chance ,i dont want to be in an abusive relationship or even marriage…Please help il view your comment