Girl narrates: He doesn’t text or call yet claims he loves me

Girl narrates: He doesn't text or call yet claims he loves me

From a female blog reader:

I met this guy online we started chatting and talking on phone. On the after 4months we decided to meet, he came to visit me in school, we talked, kissed, romanced but we never had sex. I went to visit him after one week and we had sex, i was already deeply in love with him and he said he is in love with me too but I have one problem he never call or text me. I do most of d calling and he don’t return any of d calls when he miss it.. But when ever i come to town and text him he would want to see me apologize for everything we have fun, have sex and be cool but when am gone everything changes, i have asked him many time he kept on saying even if he doesn’t call often he still care and love me.. Am just so confused if he really loves me or he is taking me for a joke,, i really need your advice if i should put up with it or move on with my life.