Girl cries out: I took a blood oath with him and now he’s treating me bad

Girl cries out: I took a blood oath with him and now he's treating me badFrom a female blog reader:

I want to share my story and please keep me anonymous. Am 25yrs of age n v been dating this guy since 2014.i was so madly in love wv him that I ended up taking a blood oath with him. He doesn’t allow me say my mind. He has been treating me badly, because he knows I can’t do anything because of the oath. There’s this girl he was dating before me, But I later found out that he’s still talking to the girl and doesn’t want to end his relationship with her. Wen I confronted him, he said that he doesn’t want to hurt the girl, because she has done a lot for him, But that he will tell her about us someday. Since then, he’s still seeing the girl (tho no sex involved ).my problem now is that am tired of dis relationship because of d way he treats me and because I don’t understand why he can’t let go of the girl. But am scared of the blood oath. He even beats me sometimes. Although I truly love him, But I want to move on, cos am not getting any younger. Pls guys, does anyone know how I can break a blood oath? Pls i need advice from this fam. I really dunno What to do again. It’s like am stuck in this relationship?. Any time we quarrel, he will block me n stop picking my calls. Even when he wrongs me, he doesn’t apologize, then I will be the one to apologise. He’s even a pagan and his Dad is a native doctor. Am really scared. This guy is capable of doing anything to me. Please guys, What should I do?