Fr. Mbaka: Buhari’s chance of survival is slim

Fr. Mbaka: Buhari's chance of survival is slim

Controversial Catholic priest Fr. Ejike Mbaka has narrated how he saw president Muhammadu Buhari in his vision. The Enugu-based man of God who prophesied Buhari’s win before the 2015 election also said a prayer for the president who is currently in London, UK over an ear infection since June 6th 2016.

Said Mbaka:

“I want the enemies to see our President shining, prospering and moving majestically in glory. The chances of his healing may be little but now with our prayers and faith, the chances of his coming out is high. Such people hate everything about the President.”

On his vision about the Nigerian president Mbaka added:

“His health was in a bad shape and he was asking that I should pray for him. None among the people I have called, picked my calls.

“People think I speak with Buhari everyday. When people climb into power, they are dazed. It is a long dream. Our job is to pray for him but there are things that he must do and there is no way to communicate it to him.”