Former minister Bagudu Hirse kidnapped in front of Mamman Daura’s house

Former minister Bagudu Hirse kidnapped in front of Mamman Daura's house

There was panic at the Inuwa Wada Road, Kaduna residence of Mamman Daura as gunmen struck near the house and kidnapped a former minister of Foreign Affairs, Bagudu Hirse.

Although Mamman Daura, President Muhammadu Buhari’s closest nephew and aide, was not present, the incident caused guests in his house to scamper for safety owing to the confusion and closeness of the operation.

According to eyewitness,

“Hirse alighted with a friend he simply identified as Talba from his car and was exchanging pleasantries with some guests who were standing in front of the house, when an ash coloured Toyota Corolla car drove into the street at top speed and stopped in front of Hirse and his friends.

“Three armed masked young men jumped down from the car and accosted the former minister almost immediately.

“From what I could hear, they were asking him to get into their car but he was trying to seek further explanations from them but at that time, people started approaching the scene so one of them raised the gun he was holding and made to shoot but it did not fire, he tried it the second time and it failed, but the third time, a shot rang and people ran for dear lives.”