Female doctor tears down reports that woman’s privates was used for money rituals

Female doctor tears down reports that woman's privates was used for money rituals

Earlier today, a woman whose name was given as Iya Toheeb, was reported to have been struck by her ex-hubby using diabolical means, causing the woman’s privates to excrete maggots continuously (read here).

A female medical practitioner, Dr. Kel, has clapped down the speculations and proceeded to explain what is supposedly happening in Iya Toheeb’s case.

Dr. Kel wrote:

Vaginal/vulvo Myiasis

This is a medical condition where the vagina and/or vulva is infected by the larvae of flying dipterous insects which feed on the live or necrotic (dying) skin, mucosa or orifices of animals and humans for a certain period of them to enable them partially or totally complete their evolutional cycle. In this case…. The larvae or maggots can infest any other parts of the body including the eyes, nose, penis, skull, etc. Although vulva Myiasis is rare cases have been reported over the years. And considering that it happens more in the rural areas, a lot of cases go unreported or misdiagnosed or attributed to sorcery- as in the case of the Iya Toyeed of Olakula area of Idiroko Ikpoka LGA of Ogun state who is allegedly being paraded as a victim of money making ritual. How pathethic!!! Our people are ignorant.

Myiasis occurs all over the world but most especially in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions. .
Risk factors include cultural habits like sitting on the bare floor and exposing genitals to offending parasite, traumatic lesions, open pores from sexually transmitted infections, malignant lesions like vulva, vaginal, or cervical cancers, precarious conditions of hygiene especially among people with psychiatric disturbances and rural dwellers and climate favoring the existence of these dipterous flies, immunosuppressed states like HIV, Diabetes, etc .

Daily dressing of the exposed wound (normal saline, turpentine, acreflavin,etc) will take care of the myiasis from the outside while treatment of underlying cause is also on going) 

While Bloggers are doing their jobs, we will try to do ours. I. E educating people more on conditions like this. Not every time ritualist and witchcraft.