“Ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend still calls him. Should I worry?”

"Ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend still calls him. Should I worry?"

From a female blog reader:

I’ve been having relationship issues with my ex for sometime now but we eventually broke up finally. The problem now is that I tried lots of other guys until I finally met this guy. He’s caring, loving and what have you. He has this ex that doesn’t want to go, she’s always calling and sending her pictures. Every time she calls he picks it and puts it on speaker so I can hear whatever she’s saying. He curses her every time she calls. It’s been long since they broke up cos the girls attitude is so disgusting and my bf says he can never end up with her. I just want you guys to advise me on what to do. Should I still keep on with the way she calls? It’s beginning to piss me off and I’m so scared that he might go back to her. But I prayed about it and I was told that the girl is the only problem that the guy likes me so so much and I shouldn’t try to fuck things up but I don’t feel cool about it cos I don’t want any heartbreak.