Espikikwele! See the meaning of "Espikikwele"

Espikikwele! See the meaning of "Espikikwele"

“Espikikwele” or “Espeakikwele” is a commonly used term by people on social media and in real life.

The origin of the Espikikwele can be traced to Queen Nwokoye’s movie, “Ada Mbano.” In the movie, Queen, the main movie character frequently uses the phrase “Espikikwele maka confusion.”

Espikikwele itself crudely translates to “don’t speak” – although this is not the most correct way of saying “don’t speak” in Igbo.

Espikikwele can be used as an exclamation word. It falls into the category of “Shuu,” “Choi” and the likes.

Hope I’ve now understood the meaning of “Espikikwele”?