Enugu Youths Foil Fresh Fulani Herdsmen Terrorist Attack, Kill 4 Armed Herdsmen

Enugu Youths Foil Fresh Fulani Herdsmen Terrorist Attack, Kill 4 Armed Herdsmen

Enugu youths didn’t wait for givernement help this time as they took the matter into their own hands and prevented what could be a third Fulani herdsmen terrorist attack in one week.

According to Imo City Blog,

Correspondents confirmed that the rumour of a second attack on Enugu
village filtered round and got into social media. And the Biafran youths
decided not to take it for granted, so they were battle ready for self

From the early hour of today, the rumour became thicker
to the extent that some schools were closed. Then the social media was
used to warn the residents of Umuchigbo, where the attackers were
suspected to be targeting.

As soon as the so called Fulani
Herdsmen arrived fully armed. The battle ready Biafran youths faced
them. According to the source who spoke to Arise News, the IGP, Mr
Solomon Arase was in Nimbo over the previous attack, when these
bokoharam operating in the name of Fulani Herdsmen arrived Umuchigbo.
The counter attack from the youths repelled the terrorists.

casualty figure was put at 4. Though some villagers scampered for safety
but the youths have been able to bring the situation under control.

Smart who spoke to IMOCITY News correspondent asked youths to get ready
to defend their communities against the Jihadists. In his word, “It is
only fools that will keep folding their arms waiting for some hopeless
people to murder their people. As the youths came out, these evil men
could not do anything. Now rather than another mourning it’s victory.
Youths, get ready! The Jihad is here. But it must no more be allowed.”
He concluded.

This is an invitation to civil war! And it appears
Biafran can no more be taken unaware like it happened in previous
attacks that they were not prepared for.

At this juncture, youths
everywhere need to be battle ready against these bloodthirsty demons
since they are getting government support, which is obvious from the APC
led government criminal silence, headed by the grand patron of Fulani
Herdsmen, who also publicly referred to Boko Haram as his misguided