End of story: Burna Boy’s alleged baby mama Uju Stella has aborted their baby

End of story: Burna Boy's alleged baby mama Uju Stella has aborted their baby

Yes, I know her story is getting more irritating by the day but I promise not to post anything about her after this one (unless something spectacular happens). Not long ago – in May 2016, Uju Stella once told us that Burna Boy is threatening to kill her if she does not terminate a pregnancy alleged to belong to the rapper. Following series of drama, her baby bump disappeared in one picture she posted some weeks later and later showed up in another video she uploaded on IG. More pictures of her were posted without the baby bump – hinting that she has finally heeded the advice to kill the unborn child.

OK, so I made some contacts with someone who knows and hangs out with Uju Stella in Lekki, Lagos State and my source confided in me that she has removed the pregnancy last month and was given lots of cash in the millions by Burna’s family in consolation. The source also told me that Stella now drives a new car – but it wasn’t clear if the car was given to her by Burna Boy’s people or she bought it herself.

The main gist is that Uju Stella is no longer carrying Burna Boy’s child and is now irrelevant. Next.