Ekweremadu, Fayose raise funds to bail Nnamdi Kanu today

Ekweremadu, Fayose raise funds to bail Nnamdi Kanu todayDeputy Senate president Ike Ekweremadu and Ekiti State governor Ayo Fayose are spearheading the raising of funds for the fulfilment of bail conditions given to Biafra secessionist leader Nnamdi Kanu by an Abuja high court on Tuesday.

This was made known by Fayose who asked other Nigerians to support Nnamdi Kanu.

He said:

“We are going to ensure that the injustice meted out to him does not destroy him. He has parents, wife and children to take care of. I appeal to Nigerians to support this just cause.

“As many as lawyers willing to fight the oppression should join the struggle for liberation from the oppression.

“Those willing can send their correspondence to Governors Office or reach me on my telephone line 070300000393 or myemail:mystory2006@yahoo.com.”


“We are just driving the cause. As soon as we receive his account details we will be made available. The money will be used for him and others in incarceration with him.

“We believe in coexistence of Nigeria. People have the right to agitate for independence. Even in traditional institution people agitate for autonomy.

“When people agitate and they cannot get it, they drop the idea. It is not for you to silence them. That is oppression. Agitation is legitimate.”